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We as “Khazar Inshaat Shirketi” LLC would like to bring into your attention the necessary equipment that widely are used during work process: These are forklifts, excavators, and other multifunctional equipment. Our mission is to be the market leader in sales and rent of equipment at construction and warehouse area, to provide their work without any delay. We are ready to offer the best options upon to your valid request anytime. Each equipment provided by us has got certificate which applies the World’s Standards. Our complex approach to the service arrangement includes high-skill pre-sales, warranty, and after-sales service, maintenance. Our Customers are the representatives of high service companies: ASCO, GABEG GmbH, HULLİBURTON İnternational İnc, Briggs Marine Environmetal Services, McDermott Caspian Contructors Inc, Schlumberger Logelco Inc, Baku Shipyard Co, AAS Ekol, Tauber GmbH, AZFEN JV, CNIM LLC, HOLCIM, NORM, Pasha Construction, Elbar Aliminium, Atilla Construction, Briggs , National Oilwell Varco, Socar Cape, Clips MMC, CBR LLC, SEBA Broyler LLC, Siyezen Broyler LLC, Rovshan Oquz Group, Baku European Games 2015 Comitee, Baku Leather Manufacture, Cameron Petroleum Equipment, Israel Shipyards Company, Caspian Pipe Coating, Azersun and etc. In recent years, we were able to build own auto-park of telescopic lifting equipment and forklifts from 1.5 T to 16 ton. Taking into consideration all these we offer the rest of forklifts for long term leasing period to reduce your expenses according to the market. As you know in well-developed countries to complete the construction projects this kind of equipment are highly demanded for technical safety. Think: If you need only forklift for one project or load in/out goods, then competitive price can be spent for rent saving budget. All equipment provided by us has warranty. The professional company representatives come to the pointed places for the service and advice.

· To fulfill the highest customer satisfaction in the sector we are ready to provide valued customers with high quality service back up in short delivery periods and at a competitive price. The offered models are below: