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As part of the initiative to create a single access to the services of the company, "Khazar Inshaat Shirketi" develops and provides various solutions in various fields of activity. At the heart of our approach to creating individual solutions is the integrated service model, which provides a constant focus on customers, processes and technologies. These factors, combined with the unrelenting desire to provide customer satisfaction, lay the foundation of our corporate culture and relationships with each client.

Repair of forklift trucks.

Our company Khazar Inshaat Shirketi, specializing in the sale of various loading equipment, offers and services for the repair of forklifts.

We carry out:

  • Major overhaul,
  • Current repair of forklifts (maintenance),
  • Urgent repair on site,
  • Repair forklifts with a visit to you.

Maintenance and repair of equipment in the Khazar Inshaat Shirketi are handled only by experienced masters, professionals in their field. Excellent understanding of the technology, they quickly find the cause of disability, perform work in a quality and in the shortest possible time. We offer competitive prices for maintenance and repair of forklifts. When applying for repair to Khazar Inshaat Shirketi, you provide practically uninterrupted production at your enterprise, receive minimal losses and guaranteed high-quality service.